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Quilt Fabric Painting Class

fabric painting class sample
painting sample

Several of you have expressed and interested in fabric painting recently.  So, I would like to invite you to participate in my upcoming fabric painting class, on Saturday February 18, 2012, here at my home/shop in Caldwell.

In this class we will learn about fabric, and paints that can be used on whole-cloth quilts, clothing, quilt blocks and other custom items you would like to design and make in the future. I plan to explore the best fabrics, paints and painting techniques to use so that the fabric can be washed after the painting process is completed without loss of paint or color. I will also discuss what I have learned about fabric washing techniques or procedures.

Please contact me if you have questions about this upcoming class. If you plan to attend, please let me know if morning or afternoon class time would be better for you. I will set the time of the class to suit as many of you as possible.  

The cost of the class will be $25 and will include a quilted sample for you to paint and keep, similar to the one you see in this post.  Plus I will supply you with paint applicator brushes and paint to use to paint your sample.  I have room for 6-8 students per class.

I look forward to hearing from you!  I hope you can come!

Feature Quilt This Week

Night Flight                         

Offering this gorgeous custom quilted queen size quilt in rich black and silvery gray printed fabrics; titled Night Flight. Measures 83.5 x 94.5 inches- made in Irish chain variation pattern. Backing is the silvery gray print fabric. This was quilted on my Statler Stitcher long arm quilting machine, here in Ohio U.S.A.I have to admit this is the most beautiful butterfly stitch patterns I have yet discovered and I knew I had to make a quilt to use it! I used a soft silvery pewter variegated thread. The center block is an intricate butterfly in flight surrounded by a scrolled floral frame; the medium size black blocks also have butterflies. The smaller gray blocks are butterflies turned in different angles. The small black blocks are stars. In the center of each star is a hand sewn glass bead. When the light hits these beads, this quilt simply sparkles just like the night sky! There are approximately 140 beads on this quilt. All fabrics used are 100% cotton, quilt shop quality. It does come with a hanging sleeve on back in case you would like to display it on a wall in your home!  Read more on my Quilts For Sale Page!

Just Finishing the Quilting Process

Here I am in my quilt room just moments after completing the long-arm quilting of one of my new creations! As you can see, the rails of my Statler Stitcher machine can handle even an oversize, king size quilt. I can stitch patterns up to 22″ on width, and the machine can travel the full length of the quilt up to around 120″. The quilt on the machine in this picture is 94″ wide x 94″ long, just to give you an idea of size.

Next step is to trim and square the edges, add binding strips, and finish (hand) bind the quilt edges.

Featured Quilt

Batik King Modern Lime & Black

  • Batik King Modern -Put The Lime In The Coconut-
  • Size: 102 inches x 102 inches
  • Top Colors: lime marble and a fabulous lime and black batik fabric
  • Backing Colors: Soft, rich, high quality black
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Fabrics: 100% quilt shop quality cotton. Batting is 80% cotton, 20% poly blend.
  • Quilting Pattern:  All over intricate leaf
  • Stitching: 12 stitches per inch, top quality thread.
  • For Sale
  • More information: Click on Quilts For Sale page.

Featured Quilt

Black Salmon Blue Custom Quilted

  • Custom Quilted – Jane’s not plain anymore!
  • Size: 66 inches x 72 inches
  • Top Colors:  solid rich black, soft salmon coral and royal blue with tiny black, white, and salmon print.
  • Backing Colors:  Blue floral and dark blue print.
  • Made in U.S.A.
  • Fabrics: 100% cotton, quilt shop quality. Batting is 80% cotton, 20% poly blend.
  • Stitching: 12 stitches per inch, top quality thread.
  • For Sale
  • More information:  Click on Quilts For Sale page.

Feature Quilt

Featured Quilt!  -Dahlias- This is my featured quilt for this week! I have it on display here in my shop and it brightens the room tremendously here it the winter season! It is a twin size quilt, with a sleeve on the back suitable for wall hanging, or use on a bed. It is quilted in a bright variegated thread in a all-over dahlia floral pattern. The backing is solid black, so you can enjoy the quilted pattern on the back as it shows up so well against the black background! Fabric is Hoffman, quality, made to last a lifetime! If you like bright, you’ll love this quilt!