Large Custom Quilt Display Rack – Break Down For Sale

0808141504This is a custom made hinged quilt rack. It is designed to quickly set up or take down at quilt shows or in your home or showroom. The A-Frame shape is hinged at the center of the two main vertical support sections. The two main sections are hinge at the top, so it can be folded into a easy to move or load collapsed position to load into a van, pickup or mini van. We designed this rack to be as wide possible, yet still fit into a Dodge mini van. When folded, the sizes are as follows, 75″ high, 48″ wide, 6″ thick. When unfolded, or opened as in the picture, the height is about 73″ depending on how far opened you set the four legs. This one is make of vintage yellow pine flooring board from a house about 100 years old, with brass plated steel hardware. The foot of each leg has a rubber foot to help prevent any slipping of the legs on polished floors. Each one of the horizontal cross support can also be removed, since each is held in place with a 1/4-20 decorative brass machine screw that screws into a metal insert in the cross support. This design is very sturdy…..We estimate that it can support over 125 pounds of quilts or fabric provided that the weight is evenly dispersed on front and back horizontals. We sometimes set up at outdoor art and craft shows, where we needed a more stable display stand to show our quilts without fear of the unit falling over in brisk wind. This design is the solution, it is very stable in wind provided the feet are all firmly set on a on a floor or ground surface. If you need to set up on a hill for example, you could open the legs further than in the picture if need be. The rack weighs about 25 pounds fully assembled. If you are interested in ordering this quilt display rack or a custom display, please email us. Custom pricing ranges from $275 for smaller unfinished yellow pine construction to $800 for larger finished walnut, cherry, or maple hardwood construction. Shipping is possible, but will be shipped in a disassembled method, you would need to put it together. (Assembly takes about 1/2 hour.) We prefer that you pick this item up in Caldwell Ohio 43724.

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I am pleased to offer long arm quilting service to the public on our state of the art computerized Statler Stitcher sewing machine. This new machine has over 3000 programmed patterns to choose from, including edge to edge or all over patterns, to custom patterns for blocks, borders, corner stones, and sashings. The machine is very accurate in both measuring, and pattern machining, so you can expect to see consist patterns, accurately place on your quilt. The patterns available range from simple geometric patterns to very complex patterns such as leafs, feathers, and flowers. We also can offer patterns for baby, children's, art, and whole cloth quilts. We also can do custom programming for those who want a unique pattern quilted. Custom pattern designs and programs are available at an extra cost. The machine table and rollers can accommodate a quilt up to 12 feet long, and can stitch quilts this full distance, in one set up, if required. We offer a large selection of colors in thread, and we also offer a range of backing, and batting material in our shop.

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