T-Shirt Quilts Make Nice Gifts!

Just a few weeks ago, a customer called us and asked us if we could make a special T-Shirt Quilt for her as a gift for her loved one before Christmas. Although I was pretty well booked, my husband John said he would have time to help me complete the quilt, and have it done before Christmas. T-Shirt quilts make wonderful gifts, as was this one, now completed. Much like a memory quilt (with pictures on the quilt top) T-shirt quilts bring back those warm memories of that loved one and times spent together, while adding warmth while the the quilt is in use. This is just one of many possible quilt top patterns, and in this case, just what our customer wanted. John and I both enjoy sharing the joys of Christmas with our very special customers!

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About Pamela

I am pleased to offer long arm quilting service to the public on our state of the art computerized Statler Stitcher sewing machine. This new machine has over 3000 programmed patterns to choose from, including edge to edge or all over patterns, to custom patterns for blocks, borders, corner stones, and sashings. The machine is very accurate in both measuring, and pattern machining, so you can expect to see consist patterns, accurately place on your quilt. The patterns available range from simple geometric patterns to very complex patterns such as leafs, feathers, and flowers. We also can offer patterns for baby, children's, art, and whole cloth quilts. We also can do custom programming for those who want a unique pattern quilted. Custom pattern designs and programs are available at an extra cost. The machine table and rollers can accommodate a quilt up to 12 feet long, and can stitch quilts this full distance, in one set up, if required. We offer a large selection of colors in thread, and we also offer a range of backing, and batting material in our shop.

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